Yes. Mothers loving mothers. Women should lift each other with encouragement and support. Happy Mother's Day, all

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AFPA Fitness - Yoga Instructor Certification - Level II, Intermediate to Advanced Level $395.00 (

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AFPA Fitness - Yoga Instructor Certification - Level I, $395.00 (

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Yoga Instructor Certification - Level II |AFPA Fitness | Emphasis is placed on the importance of standing asanas, joint mobility, and muscular strength. Additionally, presented is a regimen of joint-freeing exercises and describes body reading, a technique that allows practitioners to detect muscular imbalances. You will also learn how to assess individual body imbalances and adapt classes around these imbalances and individual's strengths, flexibility, range of motion.

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What is the greatest gift a yoga teacher can present to her students? As you learned when you decided to become a yoga instructor: Each student is different, but all of them need to learn when, how, and why to relax. Some students don’t want to relax initially. They might be so wired up that it feels unnatural to chill out.

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