Mazola Recipe - Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries with Creamy Yogurt Dip #mazola and #cutcholesterol

Want an easy and healthy yogurt with more live cultures than the store? This old-fashioned homemade yogurt only uses 2 ingredients, no yogurt maker required, and no straining method for thick creamy yogurt. Best part, it's less than half of the cost of st

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Crock Pot Yogurt 1/2 gallon (8 cups) whole milk (you’ll get a thinner product with a lower fat content milk) 1/2 cup commercial plain yogu...

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Try to eat a serving of yogurt with live cultures every day to relieve bloating and gas.

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All you need for this yogurt is a quart of milk, a tablespoon of yogurt with live cultures, a saucepan and a towel.

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Making yogurt at home from a gallon of milk, some yogurt starter or yogurt with live cultures is so easy to do. And if you have an oven with a pilot light come follow along as I show you how I make yogurt using my stove top & oven.

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#Breastfeeding Tip #17 If your baby has #Thrush, add unsweetened yogurt with live culture to your diet once or twice a day. Acidophilus capsules (Live or viable units) may also help. #bfgtips #newmom

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COCONUT MILK YOGURT (non-dairy) Dawn ... pinning this for you : ) For those who've had enough of my non-dairy yogurt business, you might want to turn back now. For those wanting to venture on—let's go. Today we're making coconut milk yogurt!

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Homemade Greek yogurt smaller batch: 1/2 gallon low fat milk 2 C. Dry instant milk 1 C. Sugar or other sweetener 1- 6 oz container yogurt with live cultures 1 T. Good vanilla Mix milk, dry milk, and sugar in large pot. Heat to 180* remove from heat and cool to 110* by putting pot into ice bath. When 110* whisk in yogurt and vanilla. Pour into glass jars and close with kids. Heat oven to 110* and put jars into oven. Leave light on to maintain heat. Leave 4-12 hrs. Then refrigerate!!

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How to Add Healthy Bacteria to Your Gut: Dr. Blum explains why eating pickles, yogurt with live cultures and fermented foods help repair the gut.

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