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You deserve something you don't have to question. You deserve someone who is sure about you.

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You deserve someone to make you feel like you actually matter.

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You deserve flowers on your doorstep and coffee in the morning. You deserve notes left on your dashboard and ice cream sundaes at 3am. You deserve honesty everyday and to be kissed every hour. You deserve to be reminded how beautiful you are.

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How to tell if somebody is genuinely interested in you: If you removed all of your effort from the equation would any communication remain between you? If not, there is nothing there and you deserve better.

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You Deserve to Be Emotionally Spoiled (Live Life Happy)

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You Deserve the Love You Keep Trying (Live Life Happy)

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Good advice! If you're in a relationship and you caught them toying with your heart you deserve better than that! Don't tolerate cheating!

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