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oh my God these have got to be the bitchiest most complaining women I have ever heard you've got a racist you've got an outstanding over spoken redhead and then they've given a platform to women nobody's ever heard of to give their opinions I don't watch this show but ran across it the other day they were complaining about Trump on a tweet he put out in their bitching and complaining we're worse then the actual tweet I'm so sick of Hollywood thinking I need their opinion about everything

Everything people are accusing Trump for, Hillary was actually going to do! She took a lot of $ from muslims..what do you think they wanted for their $. People should get educated as to what "Sharia Law" really is. They kill gays! They are the only group left that actually have slaves right now! Not to mention how they DIS-respect women!


I love a man who is vocal about his feelings. Tell me why you love me, tell me how I pissed you off and how I can fix it. Tell me everything.


And when my soul screamed, "You're a poet. Now, bleed!" Everything inside of me made sense. - Nicole Lyons


RUSH: They're too busy thinking Trump is things that he isn't. There's humility here. Contrary to what you might believe, Trump's not making himself bigger than the flag, he's not making himself bigger than the country, he's not making himself bigger or more important than the people in this country. He is recognizing that he's smaller than all of those things. I doubt that Barack Obama can do that. So there's everything in that little one minute and 11 sec...

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that's you, simply put. You're not fire and you're not mystery. You're not magical, you're just pure, euphoric, sunshine.


Not only books.

The Everything Library lends not only books, but anything a person might need for a little while. Today, you're borrowing a grandmother.


INCOMING If you see Silas in this position, you're about to get hurt really bad. So sorry :/ I've tried everything