Best Guitarist n. 91 - Dave Davies - the kinks- "you really got me" - Davies, who created the distortion on "You Really Got Me" by slicing an amp speaker with a razor, has laughed off claims that it was actually played by an uncredited Jimmy Page: "Who'd want to play a solo that crazy, anyway? Only Dave Davies could do that."

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The Kinks - You really got me (1965) . Visit for over 300 videos and FREE guitar lessons.

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This is the song "You Really Got Me" from The Kinks with the lyrics :) I had an album by The Kinks when I was in 8th grade. On Fridays my English teacher, Mr. Canfield would bring his record player to class and we we would play records all during class. He loved my Kinks album.

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Official audio for "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks. Subscribe to The Kinks' official YouTube channel here: Lyrics: Girl...

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The Kinks-You Really Got Me--Dave Davies, lead guitarist, was only 16 at the time and was responsible for the signature distorted power chord riff on this, their first hit, which was to have a major influence on many later guitarists.

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