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Young ones of animals

Patinhos recem saídos dos cuidados da mãe-----don't understand what this says, but these little ones are just darling. I never get tired of seeing all the new 'babies' every single year. :)

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It’s Beyond Heartbreaking, but There’s no Mercy for Young Animals in the Meat, Dairy and Egg Industries

It�s Beyond Heartbreaking, but There�s no Mercy for Young Animals in the Meat, Dairy and Egg Industries

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Chang Yangyang, a young folk artist, shows his papercutting works of a rooster and a hen in Mengjin County, central China's Henan Province, Dec. 29, 2016. The Chinese will celebrate the lunar new year, or Spring Festival, on Jan. 28, 2017. Spring Festival this time marks the beginning of the Year of Rooster, according to the Chinese zodiac that assigns one of the 12 animals to each year.

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Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Tellos by Skottie Young Today’s piece is for Mike Wieringo, one of the masters of talking animals. Miss you, buddy.

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I love reading, writing, art, music, and nature. I’m pansexual. As for religion, I’m a Unitarian Universalist, which basically means I believe no one religion has it all right, but in the spaces where...

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Red fox kits are born blind, deaf and toothless. After about a month they will be running and playing like this one! Photo: Young fox courtesy of Pat Gaines/Creative Commons.

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