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'Logan' Trailer: Now, the Claws Come Out — And From More Than One Hero

As we know from its recently released plot synopsis, Logan will pick up with Wolverine as he’s drawn out of isolation – where he’s been caring for an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart) — in order to protect a young girl (Dafne Keen) who’s being hunted by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and his merry

Ive seen the 40-minute Logan sneak peek and X23 is brutal and amazing A new trailer for Logan has been released by Fox and with that I finally get to talk about the 40-minute sneak peek that was shown during theFox Showcase last year. If youve seen the trailer then youve seen a glimpse of what Laura Kinney aka X-23 can do. Deadpool has helped with making Fox feel at ease with an R-rated Wolverine film and from what I saw it isnt afraid to go all out. Theres nudity people being decapitated…

Remembering Those We Lost in 2016 As the world turns the calendar page to 2017 its time for to remember the members of the Star Trek universe actors special effects wizards book editors and more whom we lost in 2016 Treks landmark 50th anniversary year. Each and every one helped contribute to making Star Trek the pop-culture phenomenon it is and to them we say Thank you.: Anton Yelchin who played Pavel Chekov in Star Trek (2009) Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond…

X-23 steals the spotlight in brand new Logan trailer The final trailer forLogan has hit the web and judging by the trailer it looks to be the best X-Men film Fox has ever made. With the recent success of the R-ratedDeadpool it looks like Logan might give Ryan Reynolds a run for his money. Is this R-rated Wolverine is something that people have been asking for? Judge for yourself by checking out the trailer below! Also check out the red band trailer below! Excited to see Logan? Sound off…

9 Pictures of Young Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart, b. Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England - English, small amount of Scottish - Hirst, Lockwood

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26 Reasons To Love Patrick Stewart

I'm sorry. But how could I not repin a picture of Patrick Stewart and Benedict Cumberbatch? I mean, *it's Patrick Stewart*. You don't just not pin a picture of Patrick Stewart. Especially when he's standing next to Ben.

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andiamburdenedwithgloriousfeels: “ gretagerrwig: “ Sir Patrick Stewart being flawless and James McAvoy laughing his ass off ” All I see is Charles making fun of Magneto. ”

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Star Trek: Next Generation reboot...of only this would happen, I love that Picard would be Picard, I mean who else honestly

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