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I Just Pretend Nothing Happened

I've been crushing on a girl for 4 years how do you think I feel?... I was about to ask a girl if she wants to go on a date that I liked for 2 years in high school and...

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"When your crush does something cute and you're just sitting there like "Really? Are you trying to kill me?""

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"That awkward moment when your crush sits near you and you keep looking over at him casually like every 5 seconds." <--Guilty haha

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your crush is going to ask you out chain emails to send - Google Search

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I thought about my crush.... Which is about every band member alive thats in MAGCON... I NEED A LIFE

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"Me: Do you like bagels? Crush: Yeah why? Me: Coz you're bae goals! *awkwardly snaps and points finger with a wink*"

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never ever develop a crush children it ruins your life. nothing good comes out of crushes. there's your life lesson for today.

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I fucking love you. . . or not! lololol foolproof plan to finding out if your crush likes you back!

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