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6 things every small group leader must do (youth group emphasis): 1. Be there for the right reasons. 2. Genuinely love your students. 3. Contact your kids weekly outside of your small group time. 4. Attend large group events as much as possible. 5. Have a balance of discipleship and relationship (Relationships are the bridge to discipleship). 6. Get to know their parents.


Glow Stick Capture The Flag

This is a favorite in our youth group. We might play it 4 times a year. Supplies: 1. Glowsticks (two per player, one for each wrist). One color per team. 2. 2 Larger glowsticks (or many connected to form a giant ring) This will be a flag. How to Play: Its capture the flag but it's done in the dark and with glow sticks. Divide students up onto two teams, and give each player two glow sticks for their wrists. Make sure you stick with one color glow stick per team. Players…


The Flour Game

This flour game would be perfect for large parties, youth group events or family reunions because you can play with a wide range of ages.


Youth group wet and wild messy game night. Great summer activity for church youth groups...list of activities & supplies included!


Walking Tacos: just finished making this for 30 of our Driven Youth Group even though my back hurts like crazy. Hope they have a great time tonight. I'll be resting.