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Fear is not evil it tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness you can become stronger as well as kinder ~ I love celestial mages but I don't like how if one person has all the keys no one else can have one

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Original Lineart: Fairy Tail Manga/Hiro Mashima Lineart/Color: Me ofc The first page of Fairy Tail She's Yukino Aguria for those who don't know.

Fairy Tail, Lisanna

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I love Lisanna! I wish she and Natsu had been able to live out their lives together without her being transported to Edolas. Lucy is not a character I enjoy watching in the least. NaLi may not be perfect, but NaLu definitely doesn't work for me either.

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In which Sting is from the house of Slytherin and Yukino: Hufflepuff, partner up during potions class.

Amazing drawing of Sting and Yukino! ~Fairy Tail

blame the spin-off. it made me ship stingyu again! because drawing na.lu everyday is boring, i will drawing more zer.vis and Stingyu.

I don't ship them, but it's cute. I ship sting x Minerva and rogue x yukino

I don't ship them, but it's cute. I ship sting x Minerva and rogue x yukino Fairy Tail

Perfectly describes Natsu. Rogue, Sting, Lector, and Yukino. Fairy Tail

Rouge reacts to loseing Frosch Fairy Tail + Yukino grope

Natsu x Lucy, Laxus x Mirajane, Sting x Yukino.

Natsu x Lucy, Laxus x Mirajane. It makes perfect sense like sting is Natsu and Lucy's baby, Yukino is Laxus and Mirajane's baby. Then rogue can be gajeel and levy's baby