Zeus was the dispenser of justice and protector of human rights. If a mortal was acting better than the gods or lacked hospitality towards another god, he or she will be struck with a lightning bolt sent by Zeus.

Greek God Zeus God of: Sky and Thunder Son of: Cronus and Rhea Roman Name: Jupiter

Zeus,Júpiter ou Jove.Pai dos deuses e dos homens.

Zeus - Deuses do Olimpo - Mitologia Grega

Zeus the Greek God: Facts about Ancient Mythology: Have a look on interesting informative guide on ZEUS is Top God of the Heavens, earth & mankind and Ruler of Olympian gods according to ancient greek mythology and legends.

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Zeus (Jupiter) - Greek God - King of the Gods and men. Brother to Hades and Poseidon.

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Zeus is the God of the Sky and Storms. His wife is Hera, Goddess of Family and Marriage. His is the father to many other Olympians. His is considered the king of the Olympians. His Roman counterpart is Jupiter and Hera's is Juno.

Father Zeus.  The lord of the sky, the god of rain, the bearer of thunder, the supreme ruler.- love this ...

Jupiter, the Italian sky-god connected with rain, storms and thunder, who was identified with the Olympian Father of the gods, Zeus. A Colossal statue found on the shores of Lake Alba Longa. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Zeus (Jupiter) Greek God Statue - So-called “Zeus of Otricoli”. Marble, Roman copy after a Greek original from the 4th century.

So-called “Zeus of Otricoli”. Marble, Roman copy after a Greek original from the century. In Vatican Museum: Museo Pio-Clementino, Sala Rotunda