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Powerful images of Mother Earth retaking what was hers

Gouqi Island — one of the 400 islands of the archipelago of Shengsi, located east of China’s Zhejiang province — is home to an abandoned fishing village that has been reclaimed by Mother Earth.


Abandoned Fishing Village in China Reclaimed by Nature

In the mouth of the China's Yangtze River, a small island holds a secret haven lost to the forces of time and nature—an abandoned fishing village swallowed by dense layers of ivy slowly creeping over every brick and path.


Top 10 most beautiful islands in China: Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province. The seawater around the Zhoushan islands is clean and rich with sea mussels. Comprising 1,390 islands and 3,306 reefs, Zhoushan is the largest archipelago of China. The islands can be accessed through a small domestic airport built on the main island. (Source: Daily Online


#Ningbo #Zhoushan Port becomes #China's first port with annual cargo exceeding 900 million tons. via TW by People's Daily,China ‏@PDChina


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