Chikenduza (Zimbabwe Candy Cake)
Chakalaka {Traditional Zimbabwe Recipe}
Mupotohayi also known as chimodho, is basically a form of cornmeal bread that is common in Zimbabwe. #zimbabwe #bread #196flavors
Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and try some delicious jaffles!
Vetkoeks/Magwinya (South Africa) or MaFatCooks (Zimbabwe). Like pancakes,  they can be sprinkled with castor sugar and eaten sweet with syrup or jam, or with a savoury side dish or filling  #africanfood #snack
Zimbabwean beef stew (nyama) is a simple dish typically served with sadza, a porridge made with cornmeal. #christmas #zimbabwe #196flavors
Cookies from Zimbabwe from Posted for the Zaar World Tour to Africa. I have yet to make these but I there is sweet potato bread, pie, biscuits and cake...why not cookies?
Bored of green beans yet? Here’s a list of delicious vegetable side-dishes from around Africa that are begging to join your Christmas feast.
Tiramisu truffles are a wonderful blend of tiramisu flavors (think Italian biscuits, espresso and chocolate) in a delicious bite. The no bake recipe only uses six ingredients!
Rice Salad {Traditional African Recipe}
African rice and beans
Great Zimbabwe Cuisine and Zimbabwe Recipes, ,
Another meal consisting of salted meats is Maguru. Often served as a stew, Maguru consists of tripe and tomato sauce. This is one of the dishes that first introduced the method of salting meat, and is therefore one of the most traditional South African foods.
Mabhanzi, Zimbabwean Sweet buns                                                                                                                                                     More