Zipcar customer service

Always, Always, Always Show Up. "80% of success really is just showing up" #careeradvice #dreamcareers #internships

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Dear Zipcar, here’s why I’m using your competitor - Why? A combination of broken tech, confusing user journeys, poor customer service and usability problems. Sadly, it’s not just Zipcar that can suffer from these issues. It’s everyone. This post a cautionary tale and an attempt to brainstorm some ways forward. #UX #design -

Zipcar's Philosophy On The Power Of Profuse Apology In The Face Of Customer Complaints | Fast Company | Business + Innovation Apologize profusely + be transparent + design the problem out of the service / solve it for the long term.

How GMs Maven car sharing service got to over 4.2M miles driven in 7 months In January GM did something somewhat unusual for a company founded in 1908 it began a car sharing operation offering customersa fleet of new vehicles on-demand for use in exchange for an hourly fee. The car sharing company GM started Maven began in earnest in earlier this year as a 40 person operation tiny relative toGMs overall 216000 employee organization but in only around seven months it has managed to expand to…

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