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the Original Cheese Zombie recipe!! anyone from Yakima school districts will know exactly what these are!

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MDUSD Official Cheese Zombie Recipe! I ate one of these every single day of my high school career. Haven't had one in 8 years, can't wait to try them again!

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Here's another version of the Yakima School Districts famous Cheese Zombies recipe. Explained a little simpler than my original post. I prefer Costco's Kirkland processed cheese to the Velveeta though. ENJOY!

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Easy to Make Honey Rosemary Baked Rabbit Recipe. Farm to table recipe perfect for those raising meat rabbits.:

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Zombie BOOgers are Yummy... Really

Zombie BOOgers! Something very fun,freaky, delicious, and quick and easy too! Recipe and free printables at

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Alton Brown's Onion Dip from Scratch: I have nothing against using manufactured mixes, but look, after the zombie apocalypse strikes, and the megamart shelves are stripped bare … what do we do then? Those of us with this recipe in our go-bags will survive to dip another day.

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Cheese Zombies...a FAMOUS school lunch from the Yakima School District. You won't regret making them!

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Zombie cocktail

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