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Monarch - saw one of these flitting around my flower garden yesterday - which is a rare sight in Vegas
Lantana. Attracts wildlife, including butterflies. May be poisonous to pets. Deer resistant. Drought resistant. Tolerates salt spray. Warning: Lantana can be potentially invasive in warm and tropical climates where it isn't killed back by frost. Considered an invasive weed in Hawaii.
Lantana camara (Lantana) - mosquito repellent plants
6 Easy-Care Midwest Native Plants | Midwest Living
Lantana...especially purple....dies back in winter but blooms profusely with little water in full sun...loves heat
Monarch Butterflies: by Cathy Keifer Butterflies, everywhere! Sketched, painted, and stitched. I see butterflies and I think of you...
Perennial  Hot Country Patriot Lantana  Gorgeous vibrance for a flower bed