Adam Liaw's garlic and chicken in a wok using chicken thigh and a simple marinade.

Flavouring oil is key with wok-cooking: once infused with aromatic ingredients, the oiI carries the flavour around the dish. If you treat a stir-fry like a stew, .

Adam Liaw's EASY Singapore-style barbecued chicken wings!

Go to any hawker market around Singapore and you'll find these wings slowly grilling on the barbecue.

Give your normal chicken stir-fry with a smoky chilli hit with this Neil Perry recipe.

Give ordinary chicken stir-fry a smoky hit of chilli bean sauce. This dish is great alone or as part of an Asian banquet.

Love Middle Eastern flavours? Here's an easy place to start: Adam Liaw's beginner's chicken tagine.

Adam Liaw's beginner's chicken tagine with mango chutney. Not fancy clay pot required!

Adam Liaw's slow-roasted chook with lemon and capers has a secret ingredient that really boosts the flavour.

Put your oven to work: Slow-roasted chicken with anchovy, lemon and capers.

Adam Liaw's recipe for roast chicken and "very important" vegetables. It's inspired by a dish that's served by chef Claus Henriksen at Dragsholm Castle, near Copenhagen.

This recipe is inspired by a lunch served to us by chef Claus Henriksen at Dragsholm Castle, near Copenhagen. He said people focus too much on the chicken but that a great roast dinner was more about the vegetables.

This is a cheat's 'risotto' as it uses orzo pasta not rice. Serve it with chicken with a lemon and caper sauce for a tasty, simple dinner.

It's all about good company: lemon and capers bring a new dimension to this chicken dish. The name "risotto" here is just a play on how the dish .

Neil Perry's pot-roast chicken Italian-style with summer's best tomatoes. Ready in less than an hour.

The best tomatoes come out in late summer, so it's a good time to make this chicken dish - and to use tomatoes in salads often. Serve the chicken with chat potatoes or your favourite pasta, and a green salad.

Baked chicken polpette by Karen Martini is great for a mid-week dinner and makes plenty of leftovers.

Chicken polpette: Any leftover meatballs will make a satisfying sandwich filling.