Neil Perry's brown butter, almond pastry blueberry tart (!)

While this blueberry tart is at its most delicious served with lightly whipped cream, vanilla ice-cream is pretty tasty, too.

Neil Perry's spicy stir-fried prawns and scallops - the kind of recipe that made him famous!

Neil Perry's spicy stir-fried prawns and scallops xo sauce

Pork cutlets with fennel and apple salad, macadamias and apple sauce. An easy dinner, but don't skip the brine!

This is lovely way to cook pork, which requires you to marinate the meat in the brine for at least 30 minutes before cooking. Be sure to brine the pork, and try substituting the fennel with julienne of celeriac.

Don't be scared of baking a fish whole: try this simple baked ocean trout recipe with lemon and thyme and taste the difference.

Whole fish are always an impressive centrepiece at any gathering. Using a beautiful fish like ocean trout means any leftovers can be added to salads, sandwiches .

You could almost be in Italy with Neil's braised leg of veal in tomato and olives.

Neil Perry's Good Weekend recipe: Braised leg of veal in tomato & olives.

Dramatic enough for a dinner party, but simple enough too: Squid ink pasta with scallops, chilli, tomato and garlic.

Dark pleasures await: your tastebuds will find the bright side in the delicate flavours of this squid-ink pasta dish. Using a "Nero" or black pasta, .

Autumnal roast chicken with cider vinegar and hazelnuts.

Brining adds flavour to the chicken, and also improves the texture. Guests will love the subtle caramel flavours in this roast centrepiece.

Stir-fried snapper with shiitake, pancetta and bamboo - try Neil Perry's twist on Asian food, with pancetta instead of the harder-to-get Yunnan ham.

Stir-fried snapper, shiitake, pancetta and bamboo shoots Recipe - Asian