Adam Liaw: Finely grated dried shiitake adds a big umami boost to this simple Five-mushroom pasta.

A good cook can be defined by how they approach new dishes. When we're first learning to cook, we keep adding ingredients - an extra spice, seasoning or flavour .

Rigatoni alla gricia

Pasta alla gricia can use any number of shapes of pasta, and the guanciale can be cut any number of ways. I like rigatoni with matchsticks of crispy guanciale .

Sicilian pesto and warm tomato salad make a light summer meal that happens to be vegetarian.

This lovely, light pesto hails from the west coast of Sicily. The warm tomato salad is an easy-pleaser when tomatoes are at their peak.

King prawn spaghetti with prawn oil - don't worry about the old rule of "no cheese with seafood pasta" - do what you like with this Adam Liaw recipe!

The addition of prawn oil and a touch of butter adds a bit of luxury to this simple pasta dish.

Penne pasta bake with peas, fetta and mint

If you are creating the ultimate dinner party menu, try this delicious penne pasta bake with peas, fetta and mint recipe idea from Luke Mangan.

Neil Perry explains how to make cavatelli (pasta shapes that look like tiny hot dog buns), with zucchini and garlic. If time and energy is short, replace the cavatelli with a store-bought pasta such as penne.

Neil Perry's simply stunning seafood platter Great seafood simply prepared is hard to resist.

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