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Whether you're looking for a refined soup to kick off a dinner party, or a chunky meal-in-itself type soup to get you through winter, you'll find it here.
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Neil Perry's chunky take on pea and ham soup

Surviving these cold nights is a little easier when there's a hearty soup to ladle up. Grill your favourite bread, rub on some fresh garlic and drizzle with oil and serve with the soup.

Caroline Velik's chicken soup with noodles and dumplings.

Every year I tweak my chicken soup recipe. Full of Asian flavours, this quick and easy soup has become a midweek favourite. Look out for really good dumplings, available from specialty shops and Asian supermarkets.

Winter warmer from Neil Perry: Spicy lamb and vegetable soup with chickpeas (or use white beans or lentils).

Winter warmer: Spicy lamb and vegetable soup with legumes. - worked well in the slow cooker

Maple roast ham hock adds something special to old-favouite pea and ham soup.

Pea and ham soup is a modern classic; using frozen peas rather then dried ones adds brightness to this version.

Knobbly, underground ugly Jerusalem artichokes are harvested from late autumn. They're a cinch to trick up into what is arguably winter's swankiest soup - subtle, nutty and satin-smooth.

These knobbly, underground ugly sisters to the blooms of the true artichoke are harvested from late autumn and have a reputation for causing gale-force wind in .

Chicken noodle soup is great. Chicken noodle soup with pesto, parmesan, lemon zest and a slug of olive oil is even better.

It's tempting to cook up oily, cheese-laden dishes at this time of year. This planner will help you to find cold-weather inspiration in winter vegetables and .

Brigitte Hafner's delicious porcini, tomato and bread soup inspired by London's River Cafe.

Too often celery is just a background note, but in this soup it really adds quite an interesting flavour. Based on a recipe by Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray from the River Cafe in London, it is thick and earthy and very delicious.

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Celebrate spring with this minestrone packed with celery, asparagus and fennel - topped with a rocket and basil pesto. Delicious and healthy.

Celebrate spring with this minestrone packed with celery, asparagus and fennel - topped with a rocket and basil pesto.

Miso and wakame soup from Frank Camorra: Lift a bowl to your mouth, inhale briefly, take a sip of the deeply flavoured liquid and suddenly you feel calm and at ease. This flavoursome broth is the breakfast of choice all over Japan.

Healthy bowl: Frank Camorra's wakame and miso soup with udon noodles and bok choy.

Potato and leek soup

Leek and potato soup Neil Perry Serve with salty crispy croutons, some crumbled blue cheese and crispy pancetta.

French onion soup

This is a rarely cooked but classic dish that takes me back to my French training. This version owes more to Heston Blumenthal than tradition, though, with my own spin. It takes time, but not too much effort.

I've never confined minestrone to the colder months, but in winter it takes on such a nourishing and warming role. For me, winter minestrone is all about root vegetables, winter greens, dried beans and pasta and an intense broth with real depth of flavour. The parmesan rind is optional, but it adds intensity to the soup and really fills out the savoury profile - well worth trying.

Soup for all seasons: Roasted root vegetable minestrone with pancetta (optional).

Minestrone Soup With Legumes And Bacon Recipe Soups with celery ribs, carrots, garlic, leeks, bacon, purple onion, extra-virgin olive oil, orzo pasta, chickpeas, parsley sprigs, fresh bay leaves, cannellini beans, chicken stock, tomato paste, sea salt, chopped tomatoes, leaves, chickpeas

Tried this Neil Perry Minestrone soup with legumes and bacon Serve with crusty bread rubbed with garlic, sea salt and lashings of extra virgin olive oil.

Winter is coming: 16 easy soup recipes for your family

Carrot Pumpkin & Lentil Soup Nourishment for the whole family: Autumn vegie soup.

Serve soup with grilled sourdough that's been rubbed with garlic and olive oil.

Neil Perry's Chunky chicken and celeriac soup - Serve soup with grilled sourdough that's been rubbed with garlic and olive oil.

Roast pumpkin soup with Thai flavours and young coconut.

Roast pumpkin soup with Thai flavors and young coconut. This is amazing, Simple and delicious. I had to use butternut squash since pumpkin appeared to be out of season at the store.

Carrot soup with coriander yoghurt

Neil Perry - carrot soup with coriander yoghurt. Spice up a traditional winter soup with some exotic Middle Eastern flavours.