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One of the best reasons to install a water garden is to enjoy the wildlife it lures in: birds, toads, and frogs. The homeowners in this lovely backyard water garden have also stocked their pond with graceful koi -- large orange, white, yellow, and black fish -- to offer a relaxing diversion.

Imagine reading a good book here! Backyard water garden with a fully stocked koi pond to provide a relaxing diversion.

"Ode to Spode," 67" x 72", by Dawn White of First Light Designs (2012). Based on Judy Johnson's "Cascading Kaleidoscopes" design.

"Ode to Spode" by Dawn White at First Light Designs. Inspired by Judy Johnson’s “Cascading Kaleidoscopes” design. There are close to pieces in this quilt. The similarity to the blue and white Spode china patterns prompted the name.

By Marc Bourlier

Marc Bourlier, Old wood faces Uniformity but sence of difference too. Love how the case and the items are so close in colour and texture

Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA More

Birdhouse artwork called "Control Tower" by artist Cameron Hockenson. Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA 2011

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Hugh Main is a Sydney based landscape designer. His company, Spirit Level, design and build some particularly gorgeous gardens.