hahahaha its funny till they get hurt

hahahaha its funny till they get hurt.

#Australia vs #New_Zealand - #Netball - women in sport

It's moments like this you never forget. until another greater moment takes its place.by my picture but I do play netball☺️

Had a reeeeeeally hungry day today so have gone well over my daily points. But on the plus side it was my first session back playing netball and it was fab! The new trainers did the trick and supported the dodgy ankle. No trips or falls today! Whoop!

No need to win or lose just have lots of fun playing netball especially keep calm and play netball!

Love the philosophy, just hope it's not an omen...

Goal Train for netball reps! Get into the netball Senior 'A' team!

http://lastlemon.com/happiness/ha0043/ HAPPINESS IS: Netball, netball, netball!

Adore playing netball - fitness and friendships

Netball another one of my hobbies :p

Have fun through Netball drills Netball drills is a good game which is liked by many players. Netball drills involves the use of ball among many players. Netball drills is a unique game which provides.


The magical Laura Langman in action

Netball Cake. by Bubba's Bakery, via Flickr

Yup easy peasy, birthday cake thanks mum.

#Twizzie Netball cupcake tower? #VictoryDinnerFare?

Netball cupcake tower- this is so me

Netball cake - I think this would be a good birthday cake for some of our players!

Netball cake Want this for my birthday cake but GA and GD!

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