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8 tools for the paperless classroom. Not only good for the class room but also good for the home scientist, home school student or the home journalist.

Infographic on some eccentricities of the English language and second language acquisition. This easily could have been three times as long... but it is not.

English Is Weird Infographic

English Is Weird Infographic -- Did you know that English is the first language of between 300 and 400 million people. However, only about of the total population of the world speaks English as a native language?

Use a straw dispenser for pencils. | 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

Such a neat idea: straw dispenser turned into a pencil dispenser, so the picky kids won't dig through all the pencils to find the "perfect" one.

How To Make A Movie Poster: A Template For Students.

How To Make A Movie Poster: A Template For Students. Possibility: Make posters for books that aren't being made into movies. Also make a movie trailer on iMovie for the same thing.

Best classroom resources ever! Check out this website for some fantastic ideas.

Two words on one side, fold over to make a contraction. to her -school planning- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Character Cell Phones - I can see the kids really getting into higher level character analysis this way.

ANY SUBJECT/TOPIC - iPhones from the past

Cell phone for your book character. This is an authentic activity that students would relate to! They can do this about a character in their book. This is perfect for our explorer unit project in language arts / social studies

Comprehension Guide Every Student Needs to Have

Comprehension Guide Every Student Needs to Have

I LOVE THIS! Goes along with Reading Strategies Every Student Needs to Know. (Also goes along with Data Meeting My teachers loved using this this year. They.

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