ANZAC biscuits are an Aussie classic. This recipe makes a chewy cookie and I have kept it to the traditional ingredients. Easy to make and only require ingredients you probably have on hand

ANZAC biscuits are an Aussie classic. ANZAC stands for Australia-New Zealand Army Corp Cookies.

Take the Remembrance Challenge - make Remembrance something you do.

Remembrance Challenge - I Remember - Taking Action For Canada's Veterans - Remembrance - Veterans Affairs Canada Make Remembrance Day something you do!

Free Printable Anzac Unit For Young Learners

Anzac Day is nearly upon us. I'll be honest this is one day on the calendar that we haven't dealt with much in our home. Granted we ge.

Diggers - World War 1 - ANZAC

A great poem to allow students to understand the meaning of Anzac Day. Could be used as a whole class recital.

A peaceful day: Anzac Day Picture Books - updated

Young soldier Jim McLeod waits in the trenches of World War I for the order to attack the enemy. With him are his friends, and Nipper, the messenger dog. When they charge across no-man's-land, Jim is shot . and finds himself face to face with an enemy

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