Framed mirror turned into a magnetic chalkboard | Denise... on a whim

The Chalkboard with a Magnetic Personality

Photos of the staff in the foyer with quotes of what inspired them into childcare.

North Sydney's belonging tree display shares photos of the team & a quote or statement telling what inspires them in early childhood - from Only About Children we should do this in the front foyer!

Love this for an entrance area

Maybe 10 frames - 5 on top displaying each trait poster and 5 on bottom displaying students' photos and their quote about the mindset trait they used

Pin 10 - Having a QIP (quality improvement plan) area would be able to ensure that the educators are learning too. This would also display to parents the learning that educators are doing to make the centre better for the children.

Question of the month display

Another parents wall item. Parent engagement is so important. Small things like this can help parents and teachers communicate better.

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