LENTILSOUP1 *Nice warm soup for fall and winter - not super flavorful, but wholesome.

Lentil and Brown Rice Soup

Lentil and brown rice soup. This soup is so tasty and it's super healthy too! I added brown rice to soup and cooked for 30 min, then added lentils and cooked until both were done.

Greek bean soup (fasolada)

This traditional Greek soup (fasolada) is often referred to as the national dish of Greece and is made using a simple combination of vegetables, tomato paste and stock, with the enriching addition of cannellini beans and a dash of chilli powder.


Ribollita (meaning “reboiled”) is an Italian peasant soup traditionally thrown together with leftovers then recooked for a few days in a row. Packed with goodness, it gains flavour with every boil! Listen to the audio recipe.

Braised beef noodle soup

Combining tender beef cheeks and just-blanched bok choy with a lush, layered broth, this easy Taiwanese noodle soup makes for a hearty and wholesome dinner. Listen to the audio recipe.

Pinto bean soup

Beans are one of the staples of Mexican cuisine and they come in dozens of varieties. The simple recipe of cooking them gently with onion and an aromatic herb is perhaps the most common method of preparation for any and all beans in Mexico.

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