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How to Grow Cucumbers

How to Grow Cucumbers Cucumber=Cucumis sativa A member of the Gourd family, this subject has a long history of culture, being mentioned in the Old Testament as a fruit.

Cattle panel trellis for garden

How to make a cucumber trellis - Cucumbers do best if grown on a trellis. By providing a structure you will get cucumbers that are more uniform in size and shape.

The Dorothy Benedict Hosta....have to get this in my back yard!

wow, what a stunning plant {Dorothy Benedict Hosta} Hosta plants do well in shade or sun. Give them room to spread a bit. They are impact plants and make a lovely showing. Edge your garden bed and they look even better.

Boxwood topiary spheres.

Boxwood Spheres found in the Garden of Chateau Amboise I had never seen a large garden designed solely with boxwood sphere-shaped plants, lined up in perfect symmetrical order like this one. What a cool design!