Flying Pigs

Flying Pigs

The Continent Where All Wildlife Tries To Kill You
Flying Pigs
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Niue "behold the coconut" too funny... pokemon pikachu on the money?

I have found the island where fandoms will rule<<< YES LET'S GO RIGHT NOW<<<AND AWAY WE GOOOOO! <<<<< Also, Niue is struggling with a population decrease so if all of you people do move to the island it will help out there economy greatly!

A very good idea

Yeah good idea, except all we've seen them drink is beer and the occasional coffee lol

talk about daddy issues. Pretty bad when the king of hell is nicer than John.

I'm only reposting this because, ALEX FREAKING HIRSH

Reposting because Happy Flannel Man looks so happy it makes me happy

This is hilarious xD Since I don't go on Omegle, Kik, etc., creeps don't usually ask for my number, so I'll do this on my friends!! Lolz!! xD :D:

PERFECT >> ok, i just tried this and have called the rejection hotline and the john cena one. unfortunately for me, john cena's didn't work.