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When I eat out

places I have eaten across NZ. and because Im in dreamworld and act like I'm a food critic when I eat out I even rate them out of 10 loser,I know.
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Pancakes with banana bacon and maple syrup from redsky dannevirke 5_10

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Sweet sour pork ,yeda palmerston north 7/10

Chicken burger and garlic fries from fish supply waipawa. This was awful 2/10

Sliders and fries.1 steak &cheese ,1fish pickle &tartare,1apricot chicken

"Bubble and squeek" fried mashed vege,toast,bacon,fried egg and holindaise from cafe cuba palmerston north 8/10

"Mustang sally burger" (brie chicken breast,lettuce ,bacon,relish onions and curly fries w aoli) 8/10

Snickers milkshake from newplymouth deluxe diner .this was the best shake ive ever had .10/10

The hogs breath Napier . Chicken burger & curly fries 7/10

Asorted sushi from mums sushi dannevirke 7/10

Eggs beni on chiabata + bacon avo and roasted tomato. From deluxe diner newplymouth 9/10