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This fine example of 'oddness in action' is this photo of a guy named Hugo Ball elaborately reciting a poem called Karawane. Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, Tristan T

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Coloured concept.png

Coloured concept.png

If you're stuck in a boring, cookie-cutter apartment (or house), remodeling isn't your only recourse. You can add a little excitement to your space with one of the decorator's favorite secret weapons: color.

Use Color to Add Character to a Cookie-Cutter Home

SPOTLIGHT: Artist Elaine Reichek Above: The Artist’s Bedroom, 1979 Zach Feuer Gallery is pleased to present Elaine Reichek: A Précis Reichek’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Alistair Frost :: 'Airplane Mode' @ Zach Feuer Gallery NY :: strong sense of color and wit

Retrato de Jovem Aristocrata. Lucas Cranach the Elder. MASP

Renascimento alemão no Masp

A Young Man of the Rava Family, 1539 (Lucas Cranach the Elder) Museu de Arte de São Paulo, 181 P


Representing over forty artists and estates, David Zwirner is a contemporary art gallery active in both the primary and secondary markets. Since opening its doors in it has been home to innovative, singular, and pioneering exhibitions across a varie