Miss Kindergarten: cute craft for Veterans Day

Miss Kindergarten: Treats for Our Sweets - Veteran's Day Craft. Thank you for an amazing idea. I plan to use this next year.

Poppy Wreath download. This is a fantastic resource with large, medium and small poppy sizes, the leaves template and even the middles for the flowers.

Bondville: Make: Free ANZAC Day poppy printables and cookie recipe from Tinyme

ANZAC Day Word Wall Vocabulary Teaching Resources – Teach Starter

A great ANZAC Day Word Wall Vocabulary Teaching Resource. This resource contains forty-two ANZAC Day related vocabulary cards for a word wall. Great idea for anzac day celebrations.

Anzac Day Picture Books

Young soldier Jim McLeod waits in the trenches of World War I for the order to attack the enemy. With him are his friends, and Nipper, the messenger dog. When they charge across no-man's-land, Jim is shot . and finds himself face to face with an enemy

ANZAC Day Resources on Smore by Laura Chaffey

Gallipoli -ABC site An ABC documentary site about the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, on 25 April View the peninsula and landing.

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