I chose this picture because it shows a tetradic colour scheme.  This photo also shows how the complementary pairs can be used in every day housing and lives.ignore any other colours that at not tetradic.

teal, yellow and red, love these colors together! living room colors but not yellow. my teal has a little more brown and green in it.

Tetradic colour scheme with neutral base

I love this room because of the soft look it has. It looks like a fun little family room. I like the white couch against the bright and colorful chairs and pillows. This room is really cute and I like the concept of the pop of color in the pillows.

Tetrad color scheme [A color scheme that consists of 4 colors that form a rectangle or square on a color wheel .] Yellow-Orange & Blue-Violet & Yellow-green & Blue-Green

Color Psychology: Decorating With Yellow

Doris Leslie Blau - High Point- Interior Design by Bunny Williams