The Dalhousie Fine Food Smokey BBQ Sauce is not one of those sauces that leave you feeling as though you’ve just doused your perfectly cooked meat with the dogs’ water. No-sir-ee-Bob. Dalhousie Fine Foods have been bringing us flavour-packed condiments for more than 30 years and you don’t operate for that long without understanding what makes a sauce something pretty amazing. Use it at your next BBQ, or get creative and use some in your salad dressings or with your cheese platters. We…

Dalhousie - Smokey BBQ Sauce 150ml

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Good things come in small packages. So does a mustard that packs so much punch, that you’ll have to pick yourself off the floor before shaking your head and whooping out aloud for another serving of the Dalhousie Fine Food Hot Mustard. It’s the mustard king of mustards. It may be small of stature, but it’s a giant amongst mustards.

Dalhousie - Hot Mustard 45g

Australian organic / natural, baby, health and personal products online store.

It’s a staple in almost every house in Australia.  The good ol’ jar of strawberry jam.  You may not even EAT jam, but chances are that you have one of these around somewhere.  Whether you like to slatherit on your weekend croissant or only have it every now and then on your hot scone with cream, you’ll definitely want to try the Dalhousie Fine Food Strawberry Jam.  Packed with certified organic strawberries that you can actually SEE and TASTE, this is one staple that may not last as long as…

Dalhousie - Organic Strawberry Jam 285g

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There’s no denying it; Sometimes ‘gourmet’ jams can just taste like sugar in a jar. The Dalhousie Fine Food Raspberry Jam is not part of that club. It’s packed with certified organic fruit that you can actually SEE and TASTE for yourself. Dalhousie Fine Foods have been creating gourmet jams and condiments for over 30 years, so they know what they’re doing.

Dalhousie - Organic Raspberry Jam 285g

If James Bond and a chameleon had a love child, it would be the Dalhousie Fine Food Organic Orange Marmalade Jam.  Suave and pure sophistication on the one hand just by itself, but it effortlessly transforms to blend with and enhance marinades or flavour desserts or even main meals.  Created inrural Victoria, this certified organic little jar of flavour-filled marmalade has more than a few culinary tricks up its sleeve.

Dalhousie - Organic Orange Marmalade 285g

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So, you’re out to impress someone are you? Well, let us fill you in one a little secret… only need 3 things to achieve certain success. A well-aged Bree, some fabulous crostini and a jar of the Dalhousie Fine Food Organic Fig Jam. Cheese and figs are meant to be together. They’re soul mates you see and there’s something about the Dalhousie Fine Food Organic Fig Jam, packed with certified organic fruit that you can actually see that makes this a sure-fire recipe for success. Use only for…

Dalhousie - Organic Fig Jam 285g

Yep, sure you can use the Dalhousie Fine Food Blueberry Jam on your morning toast for breakfast, but we are obsessed with using it to make blueberry cake and serving it whilst it’s still warm with some icecream and another little dollop of Blueberry Jam for that extra decadence.  Un-be-lieve-able.

Dalhousie - Organic Blueberry Jam 285g

Sunflower Oil contains loads of essential fatty acids and vitamin E required by the body. Its benefits include assisting a better functioning cardiovascular system and prevention of conditions such as colon cancer, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.  So, serve your guests salads and meals with this gorgeously light oil and then partake in a vigorous game of chasings for a meal that’s happier than a field full of sunflowers.

Every Bit Organic Raw - Sunflower Oil

As the name suggests, the Every Bit Organic RAW Sesame Oil is made with the purest ingredients and minimal processing to ensure that you get the full aroma and taste of the organic sesame seeds at their best. This oil contains Seasamin and Sesamolin which have been shown to lower cholesterol and help prevent high blood pressure. It’s also an excellent source of manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and zinc.

Every Bit Organic Raw - Sesame Oil

Safflowers have been used in cooking for literally thousands of years. It’s one of the world’s oldest food crops and the health benefits of Safflower Oil are well established. However, many of these benefits are diluted or disappear altogether when the oils are over-processed. The Every Bit Organic RAW Safflower Oil is made with 100% organic safflower seeds and it’s said that a daily dose of RAW Safflower Oil can markedly improve cholesterol, blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

Every Bit Organic Raw - Safflower Oil