Functionalist evaluation: Durkheims views are less relevant to complex modern societies which are culturally diverse containing a range of religious beliefs, practices and institutions.

I think this is a good picture for tolerance because it shows how you can coexist with different races. We are all the same no matter the color of our skin or our religions.

The totem is regarded as so sacred as its symbolically representative of the group itself. By worshiping the totem they are worshiping the society itself.

Kwakiutl people, some bowing before totem poles in background, others seated facing front as part of the nunhlim ceremony, the four days prior to the Winter Dance

Religion also encourages collective worship strengthening group unity, restraining deviant behavior and restricting social change. It can also prevent anomie.

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Functionalist evaluation: Durkheim used a small unrepresentative untypical sample of aboriginal tribes so unable to generalize to wider society.

The attitude to the First Australians by the British colonisers was 'They're gonna die out anyway.' It was a Darwinian belief based on the superiority of the white race. Some South African apartheid policies were adapted from early Australian practices.

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