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Geoffrey McGrath
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5 Knots You Need to Know How to Tie at All Times : ITS Tactical

Here are the 5 Knots You Need to Know How to Tie at all times from our knot authority. Don& leave the house without this knot-tying knowledge.

Fishing knots

Fishing knot - because I never remember knots without constant refreshers:

Shakespeare - Uni to Uni Knot (aka Double Uni Knot)

This knot is great for tying two lines together (joining main line and leader) when you don't want to use a swivel. It works well and most find it easier to .

How to tie Braid to Mono Leader Knot | How to tie Braid to Leader knot - YouTube

How to Tie Braid to Mono leader knot quick and easy. Learn in this tutorial how to tie Braided fishing lines to Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leaders.