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1942 Harley-Davidson XA

Harley Davidson XA with side car. Essentially it was a clone of the German's BMW. They took a captured example and reverse engineered it for better motorcycle performance in North Africa.

North American B-25H Mitchell Barbie III, a "strafer" model with a 75 mm cannon in the nose

"BARBIE III" North American Aviation Mitchell (Sn (cn Owned and Operated by History Flight, Inc., Marathon, Florida - With Cannon and Four cal Machine Guns

“Snow ‘hog, A-10 with winter camo.” All ready for the battle of Hoth.

“A ground crewman performs maintenance on an Thunderbolt II aircraft in an experimental arctic camouflage paint scheme for exercise “Cool Snow Hog”, Alaska,

chinese z 10 attack helicopter

Japan Threatens To Fire On Chinese Fighters — China Says 'There Will Be No Second Shot'

beautifully restored Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

That’s a lot of heavy, shiny metal flying through the air in the form of “Sentimental Journey,” a beautifully restored Boeing Flying Fortress. Photo by Jason Mrachina.