Lunchbox Prep Series: Apricot Balls (The road to loving my Thermomix)

The road to loving my Thermomix: Lunchbox Prep Series: Apricot Balls.I love apricots and coconut!

Thermomix Beetroot Salad Recipe

Beetroot is a prehistoric food which originally grew along the cost of North Africa, Europe and Asia. Originally the only part of the beetroot that was cultivated were the leaves, it was not until …

Feeding the Funky Bunch: Gingernut Biscuits

Feeding the Funky Bunch: Gingernut Biscuits

I made a batch of these biscuits for play group last week they were a big hit. They have that gingerbread flavour that my kids love, but are a bit quicker to make than gingerbread people.


Caramel Custard - made thiss tonight, so yummy! Ingredients 100 grams Dark Brown Sugar 30 grams Butter 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla essence, or equiv extract or paste 500 grams milk 40 grams cornflour

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