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Cute! I danced with my dad to this at my wedding...has been a little difficult to listen to since he past away.

Sweet child of mine guns n roses baby onesie.

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries. My newest love!

Lynnea: I hug Bliss as she hugs me. We were out at the park when she started crying. She was scared of a bad dream. She calms down a little and whimpers against me

Morning snuggles for Kristin Cavallari and her newborn daughter Saylor.

# Ueber alles van Koenige und Priester

Today I am sharing our nightly routine with the kiddos! Around 6 (sometimes closer to 7 in the summer!) we feed the kids dinner. We always have Atticus in his high chair and give him food and let him feed himself. He will usually

all smiles #minimode

m-agnolia: “themountainlaurel: “ Rachael Green ” omg ”

sibling snuggles//

baby siblings sleeping together . and now our heart is melting!

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: “ By Stefano Azario ”

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful:- & FAMILY PHOTO IDEA - Hop in bed Mum & Dad and family -dress in whites and greys and creams -very adorable By Stefano Azario

Baby yawn :-)  too cute

Yawning Baby Girl ~ in pink

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Babies are the only thing that can make me squeal from cuteness. If there is ever a cute baby in the same room as me, I need to touch it. I will try and make he/she smile from the other side of the room. My mother and I go crazy when we see babies.

Too cute

Dreaming smile -one of my all time favorite things about newborn babies. I always believed that "dreaming smiles" was they went back to heaven in their dreams, just to pop in and say hi to their angel friends and God.