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Chihuly sculpture in Atlantis Resort. Breathtaking!

Crystal Gate Installation by Dale Chihuly Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas

I love this image how it's dark,exciting and relax. Also is full of different shades of green but how the other colours Pop more. It a great balance

Keep of Illia - Fairies, Creatures of the forest, and other mythical beings. Behind the realm of silver dreams, trees and lakes grow in silence.Between magic and divine light they sing, beyond the ancient throne of nature.

Atlantis @Christopher Käck Selemidis #atlantis

I always knew there was another world down there if I could hold my breath long enough.

Underwater Sculptures That Will Amaze You

"Underwater sculptures are the work of British sculptor, Jason Taylor. Moliniere bay in Grenada, West Indies." I would love to SCUBA down and see this amazing tribute to the Africans thrown to sea on the journey to slavery in America.

Heaven City

Kazumasa Uchio As I look over the city, the sun rises into sky bringing light to everything. The water glistens and turns into a brilliant blue under the morning light, street lights and torches were lit signal the awakening of the city as morning makes i