Light bulb as another object - hot air balloon.

DIY Light Bulb "Hot Air Baloons" Hang from anywhere. Could be decorated with puff-paint, wire, and a thimble. Amber- use burnt out smaller, decorative bulbs to make hot air balloon earrings.


Jirí Jíru Swinging grannies, Slovakia, 1966 From “Poetry of Totalitarian Regime”, Prague. Not so sure that they are happy to be living in a totalitarian regime. Maybe they are just happy to be together.

Life within the light bulb.

abstract-lightbulb-tree-roots - Michael Hagedorn, But without the lightbulb


Kiss The Moon - tattoo idea


girl in blue dress on blue background with sun

Constantly changing woman.

'Black Swan' cover for Little White Lies D&AD brief Yellow Pencil winner.

Constantly changing woman.

Full body tattoo design of world map- now I'm not saying get a full body tattoo- but this is very cool.


Leftfield Rhythm And Stealth UK vinyl record set (Double Album)

Constantly changing woman.

Constantly changing woman.

Constantly changing woman.

Constantly changing woman.