Ficus flash to raised courtyard garden bed

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Ficus flash to raised courtyard garden bed

Shafer Design Ltd. In coastal temperate regions of Australia this look can be achieved using Waterhousea floribunda GREEN AVENUE Pbr or Acmena smithii SUBLIME Pbr - also good options where container size is limited.

Baeckea camphorata to grow as groundcover in new rectangular steel pots

Baeckea camphorata - Lovely spreading shrub with oblong, flat bright green scented leaves and profuse white flowers in late spring or early summer. Would work well in a Japanese style garden.

Liriope 'Isabella' to infill spaces in front garden

Liriope muscari 'Isabella' to rear courtyard boader garden bed and kitchen green wall

Lomandra Tanika to garden entry beds

Lomandra Longfolia 'Tanika' to property entry, lounge window garden, courtyards and pool ornamental planting

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