finnfolk: shrek the sheep. Avoided shearing for six years by hiding in caves haha

This New Zealand sheep avoided shearing for 6 years by hiding in caves . it had enough fleece for 20 suits when it was finally sheared. Hopefully it felt a bit cooler and lighter afterwards! Hiding in caves. i love it.

A southern Queensland wool shed, the perfect home

A southern Queensland wool classer hopes her photos of life in the shearing shed will encourage others to join her in "the beautiful world of wool".

The Table Top Wool Wagon is among the largest animal-drawn road vehicles ever built. It was a unique Australian invention, built to transport wool from sheep farms to train stations and harbours. As many as forty bullocks, or thirty horses, pulled the vehicles over distances of up to 1600 km. Table Top Wool Wagons (also known as "jinkers" or "ships of the desert") appeared at the end of the nineteenth century and remained in use until the (continues on page)

The Limits of Animal Powered Transportation: Table Top Wool Wagons

Old Woolshed, Woolmers Estate, near Longford

Old Woolshed, Woolmers Estate, near Longford