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50 awesomely affordable toy suggestions for kids who have autism, intellectual disability or other developmental delays. List was put together by a Special Education Teacher and BSC/BCBA.

20 Summertime Sensory Activities for Kids With Autism Do your best to keep the kids busy. Here are some fun and relaxing activities that are great for all kids, but especially kids with autism and sensory disorder.

Goo bags - recipe for goo. I've had it suggested to use an entire bottle of dollar store hair gel, but this is probably just as inexpensive, and you can make whatever VIBRANT colours you want.

For one sensory bag, you will need 1 cup of flour, 6 tablespoons of water and food coloring. Seal baggie with tape. Write with finger or q-tip.

15 Frugal Sensory Bin or Tub ideas. Be inspired by these low cost or no cost ideas for kids sensory bins. You don't need to go out and buy materials just take a different look at what you already have in your home for fun kids activities

FREE communication boards created by Speech Language Pathologists with years of experience working with Autistic children in educational, clinical and home therapy environments. This "Visual - Choices and Activities" for Autism communication set contains more than 15 high quality, beautifully designed communication boards with speech output (children's voices) and can be used on the free Pogo Boards iPad app. Printable files are also included for a low-tech option! #autism #BHSM #AAC