It's nutritious and delicious (in a salty concentrated yeast sort of way), but we warn you: A little bit goes a long way. Learn to love Vegemite, an essential Aussie food.

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Aussie's know yabbies: There's pineapple yabby, lemon yabby, coconut yabby, pepper yabby, yabby soup, yabby stew, yabby salad, yabby and potatoes, yabby burger, yabby sandwich...

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Find New Zealand's prized manuka honey at Hawke's Bay Farmers' Market - YUM YUM YUM! #NewZealand #Hawke'sBay #ManukaHoney #locumtenens

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Pavlova - yum! Kiwis and Aussies disagree over who created it first, but both agree it's delicious.

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Aussie meat pies (find them at the Tuck Shop in NYC if you're in the U.S.)

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Blessed are the Cheesemakers! Visit King Island Dairy in Tasmania, seriously.

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Vanilla Slice is so famous they have a contest every year in Oz (amateurs and professional bakers compete) to discover the latest greatest slice.

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The Maori chef Eru Tutaki, at Treetops Lodge in the New Zealand's North Island’s Horohoro Forest, fashions a new cuisine from foraged produce.

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