Luna Park. Fun medium sized amusement park in Sydney Australia. Best view is from the Opera house or "The Rocks". Over the years it has fallen into disrepair several times only to be rescued by a showman willing to give it a go. First opened in 1935, it's most recent renovation was completed in 2004 when it reopened to rave reviews.

I had no idea that the Luna Park in Coney Island had clones in other parts of the world just as early! This one in Melbourne opened in 1911 and has run ever since. "'Mirrored Amusement' Entrance Sign to Luna Park: Sydney, Australia / photo by Surrealize

We need to ride the carousel .... amongst some of these other great ideas. 20 free things to do in Melbourne.

20 free things to do in Melbourne

“Luna Park - The Heart of Coney Island”, early 1900s

Coney Island, Amusement Park during NYC's Gilded Age. ~ "Luna Park" - "The Heart of Coney Island".

Luna Park Melbourne - A century of Fun! Book can be purchased from Luna Park Melbourne

Luna Park Melbourne is a Family Friendly Amusement Park by St Kilda Beach. Experience one of the top 'Things to do in Melbourne' – Just for Fun!

Luna Park Melbourne scenic railway - History of the roller coaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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la grande roue du luna park sydney

la grande roue du luna park sydney

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