Australian Finger Lime (Citrus australasica)

The fruit of the Australian finger lime Citrus australasica is sought after by top restaurants around the world. Often described as 'lime caviar'

citron caviar

Australian Finger lime has up to 7 times more vitamin C than European lime.

the finger lime, native to Australia, is a rare rainforest fruit tree from the Australian east coast.

Native to Australia, the finger lime(Citrus australasica) is a rare rainforest tree from the Australian east coast. The finger lime holds globular juice vesicles which have been likened to a “lime caviar “, which can be used as a garnish or added to vario

Australian Aboriginal Bush Food

As indigenous Australians allowed the local terrain to dictate their key ingredients, you can consider building dishes around native produce and accom.

Finger Lime

This is the insides of the finger shaped limes- looks like caviar- lovely citrusy flavor :-)

Quandong - wild, or desert, peach is the famous bush tucker fruit. High in vitamin C. Common to arid areas.

[The Quandong, aka Australian Wild Peach] I recognise that not everyone will be able to get their hands on quandongs in order to complete t.

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