Vision Systems in the Entertainment Industry

Vivid Sydney Vivid Cruise Walsh Bay by James Horan. I want to stay to at least see one day of vivid before I fly home :)

U2 screen is 200 feet x 45 feet and one camera and one operator

Check out the full set list, a massive photo gallery and tons of video from opening night of big 2017 'Joshua Tree' tour.

There's home theatre and then there's giant home theatre.

Embrace the Hollywood - this house provides a giant outdoor home theatre

movie night - modern exterior by Belzberg Architects Positioned over the carport, this built-in movie screen re-creates the feel of a classic drive-in movie theater, reinforcing the sleek lines of the modern home but with a digital age update.

The biggest vision mapping projection in history.

Interconnection - visionary projection mapping - the winner of iMapp 2016 from Limelight Projection Mapping

What is really going on when we look at colour?

The infamous blue-black/white-gold dress debate. It's Blue btw, the article on why people see whit and gold is fascinating, though it could've been explained better.

"Suddenly Last Summer": Sydney Theatre Company is using a backdrop of the live feed of the on-stage events.

Sydney Theatre Company gives Tennessee Williams' play a cinematic makeover

Visions of Vienna. Projected onto Opera House sails.

Visions of Vienna. Projected onto Opera House sails.

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