Dots upon dots, circles upon circles

Q-Tips. Dots upon dots, circles upon circles, maybe do color families referencing aboriginal art

Self portrait hand prints on personal narrative - picture only

Self-portrait hand prints – A fantastic art & writing activity for kids of all ages! Students write about their year then decorate their hand print & border with patterns and the background with their writing.

Aboriginal Art

From exhibit "Aboriginal Art, Grade 4 - eraser dots mosaic - each child assigned a different color like the fingerprints

Draw a Gecko

4 Steps to Draw A Gecko - Fun drawing idea for middle school art students. Use this drawing tutorial to discuss pattern and balance.

aboriginal hand printing - one big mural with each child doing a hand print and then weave then into an aboriginal art work!

Adding a number of different artworks from different countries, cultures and religions may be a creative way to involve all children and their families Más

Brushtail Possum - a marsupial native to Australia

Model for Polly Possum Brushtail Possum - a marsupial native to Australia

Tiddalick the Frog  - Aboriginal Dreamtime Story

Tiddalick the Frog - Aboriginal Dreamtime Story. Oral traditions communicated through stories passed down from generation to generation

More ideas
Art Projects for Kids: Aboriginal Snake Drawing

Aboriginal Snake Drawing

weeks Australia Art Projects for Kids: Aboriginal Snake Drawing (use black construction paper and oil pastels)

aboriginal art- like the idea of starting with black figure first

Zilker Elementary Art Class: Grade Aboriginal Dot Paintings ( I have done this with Kinders)

Dreamtime Stories - Tiddalick The Frog

Dreamtime Story Animation "Tiddalick The Frog" for the Marambul Yuganha Exhibition at the Griffith campus of TAFE NSW Riverina Institute Exhibition Coo.

An in depth video designed for school children to learn about what 'The Dreaming' is and what it means for the Indigenous Australian population.

Draft video for te Australian Museum for their Dreaming Stories. This is about Goorialla the Rainbow Serpent. The performers are my good friends and brothers: Gumaroy Newman, Eric Arthur Tamwoy (Turtle) and Norm Barsah.

Aboriginal Australian Rain Sticks - Sculpture - Paper towel rolls, paper-mache, paint, feathers etc

a fabulous paper mâché sculpture lesson for us. Interactive rain sticks were an absolute hit! From the toothpick and cardboard tube construction to the Australian aboriginal-inspired end caps, we love every minute of it!