1957 Ford Mainline ambulance (Australian)
1978 Ford XC Falcon and 1980's Ford F100 Ambulances Queensland Australia
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HQ Holden ambulance (Australian)
1962 Chrysler Valiant Australia Ambulance Wagon
HR Holden Panelvan Ambulances "note the 3rd door"
South Australian St John Ambulance.
EJ Holden ambulance

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Australian ambulance.
Old Holden HK Ambulance
Australian ambulance.
HQ Holden ambulance (Australian)
Morbid Rodz
HR Holden Ambulances
Visual warning devices[edit] Emergency vehicles of any kind (fire truck, ambulance, police car) are highly likely to be involved in hazardous situations, including relatively common incidents such as a road traffic collision. They are also required to gain access to incidents as quickly as possible, and in many countries, are given dispensation from obeying certain traffic laws; for instance, they may be able to treat a red traffic light or stop sign as a give way, or be permitted to break…
Australia, Forbes District Ambulance. 1938 Dodge and 1946 Chevrolet.
South Australian Ambulance. Car 177 Hindmarsh Depot