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As our kids grow, as we get older, and as our world changes it is comforting to know that God remains the same. He is steadfast and his word endures forever.
God is at work in our lives. In the quiet and stillness, whether we are conscious of his involvement or not. We can trust that he will continue to work through our lives and in our lives for his kingdom and his glory.
Getting up at 5 am may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a wonderful time to spend in prayer with God, when the world is still and quiet. Before the chaos of the day begins, before our kids have captured our attention and our to-do lists distract us, an early morning prayer can be a beautiful time of connection with our Saviour.
As imitators of God we are encouraged to put on love as we serve and life for him (Ephesians 5:1–2; Colossians 3:14).
Christian community is a wonderful environment in which to challenge and encourage each other in our walks with God. What good deeds have been set before you today, and how can you encourage your brothers and sisters to do good also?
Waiting is often hard, especially when life feels like a battlefield or we face different challenges through the day. In this verse we are reminded that the Lord is our help and our hope. We can fully trust him to lead and guide us and rejoice knowing he is with us and cares for us.
Who are you living for today? ‘I’ is such a dominant word in our vocabulary, but what would it take to change this to ‘He’ and turn the focus from ourselves to Christ. We live not for ourselves but for Christ who died so we could be raised in Him #praiseHim
Do you ever feel like a little boat being tossed around by the waves and pressures of life? In our walk with God, we can stand firm by holding fast to the Lord who is our hope. He will lead us through the storms and to quiet waters.